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Karen has worked hard to support responsible growth in West Valley City. She wants West Valley City to be a place for all stages of your life. By voting to control high density housing areas Karen has allowed growth with control.


In 2016, West Valley City was budgeting to build two new fire stations. Rather than just rubber-stamping the funding, Karen Lang was the only council member to visit WVC fire stations and reach out to local fire firefighters to find out what the real need was. By working with fellow council members and city staff, she helped to re-work the budget so 3 stations could be built, rather than just 2. Karen is always working for the residents of West Valley City.


Living, working and thriving in West Valley City are all things important to Council Member Lang. Being loyal to one municipality is vital to the success of a council member. Karen has always worked for the success of West Valley City and it's residents.